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Who We Are?

We focus on creating cutting edge designs using the latest in web technologies and tools. With every new project, we take the opportunity to discover new innovative potential. The excitement of the next web project or digital marketing strategy.

With a total of twenty-one years of experience in marketing and over 10 years of experience in web and social media management, Hi-Tek Media is uniquely positioned to provide cutting edge marketing, digital production, and media management primarily through internet platforms.


We devise, create, and manage marketing plans. Our “marketing first” approach gives us a competitive edge over companies focused on the technical aspects of internet and web advertising.

We deliver the most from your social media and web advertising, built upon a solid marketing foundation. For over sixteen years we served our clients marketing needs with traditional media, competing in radio, television, and print advertising.

What we provide

In 2013 we transitioned to online promotion, merging proven marketing strategies into  website and social media platforms. We capitalize on internet strengths like instant access to data and constant control over digital marketing campaigns, while applying proven marketing techniques which remain relevant in today’s digital sales world.

We have in-house experts trained and certified in the best web and social media design and sales platforms. Our staff can create and manage virtually all facets of web and social media presence.


Our Team

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

Michele Bedwell, Founder & Director of Innovations

Brittany Tuma: Director of Content and Social Media

Brittany Tuma, Director of Business Development

Jimmy Tuma: Director of Creative Operations

Jimmy Tuma, Director of Creative Operations