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What is It?

Loyal customers help increase revenues and profits. A loyalty program is the most effective way to retain customer loyalty.

When applied to marketing Pareto Principle states that 20% of repeat customers are responsible for 80% of the sales. Thus, even a slight increase in the percentage of repeat customers will lead to an exponential growth in revenue.

A loyalty program is the strategy that will keep your customers engaged, and loyal to your brand.

Why Do you Need It?

It should always be about keeping your customers happy and satisfied. The Harvard Business Review found that a 5% increase in customer retention boosts profitability by 50%.

There’s many reasons why people stay loyal, but it all comes down from understanding what keeps them engaged–and not just looking at monthly sales numbers!

Tailor-Made Data-Driven Loyalty Programs

How Can We Help?

With our five star loyalty program you’ll get the insight what drives your brand loyalty and keeps your customers coming back.

Stop competing on price or discounts. With our well a structured loyalty programs it won’t be a guessing game what keeps you relevant.

Let’s talk about designing a fully custom program that meets your marketing plans and your customers needs.

Velocity Loyalty

Strength in Numbers

What keeps a consumer happy can’t be defined in one lump sum. Some customers rely on the overall customer experience, others prefer incentives like discounts or points. A well strategized multi-pronged loyalty program will effectively to show you what works.

Increased Customer Retention Rate
Increase in Per-Customer Revenue
Increase in Repeat Sales
Increase in Monthly Subscription Sales

Velocity Loyalty Programs

data driven insight

When the retail world is at its fastest-paced, companies need to stay ahead of trends and changes in customer behavior. Implementing a loyalty program will help them do just that.

Rewarding your most loyal customers with points or discounts on future purchases while also developing new ones who may not yet have been converted into prospects!

Who's It For?

Our loyalty programs are optimized for any business that needs to overcome sales challenges within the market.

360-Degree Loyalty program

Diverse customer base, requires diverse engagement. Velocity Rewards Programs offers many flavors of loyalty.

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