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What is It?

Paid media campaigns are a strategy to purchase your way into search engine rankings. It can drive huge amounts of first time visitors to your website.

Search engine marketing campaigns can give you the website conversions your missing.

Why Do you Need It?

When done correctly search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns have powerful immediate results.

Paid ads increase first time buyers by 65%, and are the top ranking source for website conversions.

Social media advertising campaigns have shown to increase brand awareness by 80%.

Can you afford not to add paid media strategies to your arsenal?

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

How Can We Help?

Search engine marketing and pay-per-click campaigns have different opportunities within different channels. With our personalized approach, we’ll sit down before we spend a dime.

It’s critical to know what platforms will speak best to your brands audience. We’ll help you make data driven informed decisions to drive your brand’s growth, with respect to your long term budget.

We are certified!

  • Google Certified Partner
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  • LinkedIn Marketing Partner
  • GoDaddy Pro
  • Shopify Pro

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Search engine marketing campaigns should be strategic to work along side your other strategies. They are not a one size fits all and variations depend on your brand audience and platforms.

Hi-Tek Media has the experience to employ strong search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns without over inflating the budget. Get the conversions you need while you grow your long term campaigns.

Our Paid Media Services

Only some of the channels we are certified in:

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Social Media​​

It's a chance to talk to your audience. Make sure your engaging the best way.


Get searched the right way and generate more traffic to your existing website. More traffic, is more sales.

Loyalty Programs

Attracting prospective buyers to your door, and guiding to the right end of the sales pipeline.

What makes a loyal customer?

personalized shopping experience drives repeat sales